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Avira achieve a Top Rated in Tests AV Comparatives Test of Performance. ?Avira occupy the top spot on the latest AntiVirus test results conducted by AV Comparatives in terms AntiVirus effect on computer performance. Avira Antivirus Pro proved to have a very minimal impact on computer performance comparison of 14 types AntiVirus tested. The 14 AntiVirus are examined by performing a series of daily activities on the laptop, and then measure its performance with or without AntiVirus. AntiVirus is assessed from standard sizes to fastest to see how it impacts the system gained through activities such as file copying, archiving, installing applications, running applications, to download a file, then all of the accumulated value. With the use of PC applications Mark 8 to measure the performance of the computer, the results obtained for each AntiVirus-variety, from the lowest to the highest for computers that do not use AntiVirus. And the results, Avira proven impact was minimal, within 7 days of tests the use of computers for daily activities. Even when you first open a document file or PDF-even, Avira remains the highest score of the researchers. With the separate value of PC Mark, Avira get a value of 99.8 which is the most minimal impact value among all AntiVirus te was tested. While the PC Mark, Avira has the minium impact is 0.2 which is the best value on the impact on PC performance among 14 AntiVirus tested. As we have seen, AntiVirus has long had a reputation negatively on the performance of the computer, on the grounds of a working AntiVirus too far into a system, and is one of the first programs that run at startup. Even a novice computer user can know when an AntiVirus is having to work or not only based on the performance of their PC systems. In addition there is also a fact that obnoxious, that if a computer were protected by AntiVirus, then the computer will become sluggish performance, this seems to have become embedded in an AntiVirus. Last year to?AV Comparatives conducted a survey of computer users. And ?results are 38.5% of users said that they managed to protect AntiVirus with finding malware / virus within one week. And, 64% of users say that the slow performance on a PC is generally caused by the activity of an AntiVirus. But AV Comparatives-nor denied this in their report: “It is very important to be known by the users PC, that an AntiVirus not only capable of providing high detection of a virus as well as provide the best protection against malware, but AntiVirus also will not degrade the performance of a system that makes problems for users. “so guys, from now on do not be afraid to use Avira AntiVirus, as proven in addition to proven benefits, but will not interfere with or degrade the performance of a PC.


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